Remote Rescue

Remote Rescue LogoMatt Swaney Creative is pleased to offer another service to our customers... this in the form of computer technical support!

Computer support does not have to be a hassle anymore!

Through modern technology, a qualified computer guru can share your computer screen with you and help with pc repairs, spyware detection, spyware removal and most of the problems that traditionally required you to call in a service tech or even worse, unplug your computer and take it to a repair shop for days or longer.

How does it work?

We use remote desktop software to connect directly to your computer through most routers and firewalls regardless of the configuration. We can share your screen and actually SEE what you see. This makes it easy for us to help solve the problem and it is much easier on you. No more unplugging your PC and carrying it somewhere for repairs and waiting days.

We use a variety of tools to help repair problems and most of these are free. If we think a tool is needed that is not free, we will speak to you and get your permission before going further.

The best part is... once we're set up on your computer, we can fix it anytime, from anywhere!  It takes about two minutes to set up, and then you're set!

You must have a high speed connection to the internet and be able to browse the web or get email for us to help.

How much does it cost?

We have three plans... a one time plan, an hourly plan, and an unlimited monthly service plan.

If you frequently have issues with your computer, or have multiple computers for us to manage, we highly recommend the unlimited monthly service option.

Remote Rescue - Monthly Plan (Unlimited)


Remote Rescue - One Time Service Plan (Maximum 2 hours)


Setup is free for all services!

Not sure if it will work? 

We'll be happy to try the system free of charge before we start, that way we know it works before you join.


Let's get started!

Contact us now to set up your computer for RemoteRescue!  A new service from Matt Swaney Creative.

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